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1608 Automation to Debut at AES 2011

1608 Automation to Debut at AES 2011


AES Ottobre 2011 - API Presenta L'opzione di automazione per i fader della console 1608:

Questo il comunicato ufficiale sul sito API:

"With much excitement, API will debut the 1608 automation system for the first time at AES 2011 in New York City, which runs from Oct. 21-23. Interested attendees who visit API's AES booth, 821, will be able to see up-close demonstrations of the new automation on a 32-channel 1608 throughout the convention. We've designed the 1608 automation system to enhance the operation of the console and allow for an entirely new range of mixing capabilities while making sure the system was simple and easy to use.

Moving Fader Automation
Leveraging our prior experience with console automation in combination with extensive customer input, API has developed a proprietary, easy-to-use Automation Package for the 1608 console. This system contains features and operational control previously unheard-of in a small console of this type.

- Self-contained system with no computer required

- Save files to standard SD memory cards (easy portability with room for hundreds of mixes)

- Easily retrofits to existing 1608 consoles

- Expandable to 48 channels

- Automated Mute and Solo switches

- Unlimited Fader Groups with two dedicated Group Masters

- Unlimited Mix Restore points

- DAW control with unity gain audio bypass"