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On the cover of the Radio World...

On the cover of the Radio World...


The November 18 issue of Radio World (US) features the smiling face of none other than Leo Laporte, "The Tech Guy," on the cover. (Over to the left, you can see his big bronze Axia Element console peeking out from behind the mic arm). 
Inside, you can read the story of how Leo, once an ordinary talk radio host, rose to become a syndicated radio personality heard on over 160 stations every week. And along the way, built his TWiT (This Week in Technology) network into a powerhouse of of streaming tech shows covering just about every angle of today's consumer and professional technology. Telos' own Kirk Harnack even has his own show - TWiRT (This Week in Radio Tech) avidly followed by broadcasters around the US and abroad.

Naturally, we're very happy that Leo, a tech guru par excellence, has chosen to equip his studios with Axia consoles and routing equipment. His latest addition, a Radius IP console, was installed as part of the new TWiT studios detailed in the Radio World article. After all, it's always neat when you get to hang around the cool kids.