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New version 1.0.6a software for xNodes

New version 1.0.6a software for xNodes


Version 1.0.6a software can be downloaded (along with installation instructions and release notes) from the Axia Downloads web page at This is a maintenance release for xNodes, and contains a number of usability upgrades and minor bug fixes.

If you aren't aware of xNodes, then shame on us - we should have shouted louder! xNodes are fanless, half-rack AoIP interfaces that come in 5 versions to convert analog, digital, and Mic-level audio, as well as GPIO logic, to networked streams routable throughout your Axia Livewire network. They are 100% compatible with all existing Axia audio nodes and third-party gear from Axia Partners, but they also work with ALC Networx' RAVENNA IP-Audio protocol as well. This means that you can use xNodes to add RAVENNA-compabtible equipment from companies like Neumann, Genelec and Sonifex to your Axia network - click here to find out more about how Axia and RAVENNA work together.