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Audient ASP4816: new owner's first impressions

Audient ASP4816: new owner's first impressions


Sébastien Angrand from Osean Studio is the first to install an ASP4816 in Germany – and one of the first owners of Audient's brand new console in the world. We managed to tear him away from his new desk for long enough to ask him what he thinks.

The first Audient ASP4816 user in Germany Osean Studio owner, Sébastien Angrand chose the analogue mixing console to meet his need for a desk with minimal power consumption ‘and, most important, an excellent sound’.

‘The desk I was looking for had to be compact, new, clean, clear and easy to use. I bought the ASP4816 and now I have everything I need. The sound quality is amazing – you can really focus on the important element of a song.’

Situated in a small studio in the Bavarian town of Bamberg, the desk seems to please on every level: ‘This console has not only changed the way I record and mix, but also the way I hear the music I compose, arrange, mix and record,’ he reports. ‘The stereo compressor makes me very happy. The preamps work beautifully too, very transparent and an excellent response from what you hear at source. A snare sounds like a snare, a guitar like a guitar – and all this without using Eqs. Actually the EQs are very precise and react very fast…

‘I like the way it is built, and the way it has a good overview with each of the different sections defined clearly and well separated. I used to work with a split console before, so the inline concept of the console makes everything easier.’

Taking many design cues from the ASP8024, the compact recording console has the same input and monitor design in a smaller frame size. Angrand is billing thre ASP4816 as, ‘the perfect centrepiece for production studio’.

‘Audient has made a console where quality is affordable for everyone,’ he adds. ‘Clear in use, transparent in sound and amazing in mix.’